WoodWorks Wall Panels

If the desire is to build an office, a great place to work then acoustics is inevitable. Acoustics embedded in the design from the concept stage actually can save money, overall to a project. An auditorium needs to deliver the finest of audio to the audience’s ears on every seat. The magic of acoustical design is to ensure every seat a prime seat with the optimum blend of audio system and acoustical panels. Learning is at the core of an educational institution whether it is a school, college or university. The teacher and the student must both be able to hear each other with clarity and intelligibility.

• Auditorium
• Meeting rooms
• Reception
• Executive cabins
• Open plan workstations
• Breakout areas


• Sound Installation
• Reduce Echo
• Enables designers to create rich and warm interiors
• Easy to install on Wall & Ceiling
• Enhanced acoustical properties with Bottle neck holes backed with acoustical fleece
• Easy installation with Dowel Connections

Wide range of laminates & solid color