Clip In Ceiling System

The BOLLARD Clip-in ceiling system provides a seamless and moden appearance for any space. The Clip-in ceiling panels can be easily installed or uninstalled, offering access to the plenum. Designed to provide consistent quality and manufactured with utmost care, Clip-In Metal Ceilings always exhibit a tremendous appeal. Giving an edge to the specially articulated metal celling systems, Clip-In is the ideal thing to opt for. As a continuous large span system, they are easily demountable with normal tools, making it easy to handle.

*Galvanized Steel

600 x 600 x 0.5mm
600 x 1200 x 0.5mm
300 x 1200 x 0.5mm


600 x 600 x 0.7mm
600 x 1200 x 0.7mm
300 x 1200 x 0.7mm

Stainless Steel

600 x 600 x 0.5 mm

The installation of clip-in tile ceiling system


• Office Spaces
• Healthcare
• Education
• Transport
• Retail
• Corridors


• Enormous & Consistent look
• Veiled suspension system
• Easy downward accessibility
• Good acoustic
• Also available in Aluminum


• White